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This unique Medicaid program offers patients the opportunity to be more in control of who provides the care and support. Known as self-directed care or consumer-directed services (CDS), this model allows you to choose your own caregiver directly and coordinate with the HomeTeam to manage the more complicated aspects such as payroll, taxes, and plan of care.

With CDS, you may hire friends or family members to provide direct-care services. You determine the schedule and activities around the services to be provided. We support in this effort by handling the payroll, taxes and Plan of care, and other paperwork required.

Participants must be Medicaid eligible and require assistance with activities of daily living.

What type of assistance can be provided under the self-directed home health model?

  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Grocery shopping
  • Preparing meals and feeding
  • Escorting to appointments and social events
  • Assisting with medications
  • Performing light housekeeping
  • Entertainment (games, crafts, reading)
  • Other activities of daily living

Under the CDS program, Medicaid requires a “Agency” to be appointed to manage the care, who will act as coordinator between the individual patient and the program. This is where HomeTeam comes, We handle all of the details for you so your appointed caregiver can focus on providing care and not be burdened with administration and paperwork.


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